3rd Sector Network Hub


3rd Sector Arts & Culture Representative


What is the Third Sector?

The voluntary of community sector (also non-profit or ‘not-for-profit’ sector) is the sphere of social activity undertaken by organisations that are not for profit and non-governmental. This sector is called the third sector, in reference to the public and the private sector. Civic is another term for the sector, emphasising the relationship to civil society.


Does my group or organisation count?

All organisations that are operating outside the formal state or public sphere that are not trading commercially for profit in the market are classed as third sector. This means charities and voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals. Whilst these organisations are exceptionally diverse, they share a broad common theme of being value driven.


What is the role of the hub?

The Warrington Third Sector Network Hub is a group of representatives who, through their links with grassroots organisations are well placed to comment on the effectiveness of the nature, time and place of services which are delivered in the Borough.


What is the role of the representative?

Representatives are elected by the third sector to the Network Hub which meets monthly to discuss matters relating to the Local Strategic Partnership – Warrington Partnership.  Three members of the Network Hub are elected to represent the third sector on the Warrington Partnership Board and channel information to and from the Hub who in turn channel that information to and from their various sub-sectors.


Gemma Johnson is the Arts & Culture Representative on 3rd Sector Network Hub Warrington

“As the manager of Culture Warrington I have a good overview of the arts cultural sector across Warrington, with a wealth of expertise and connections across the cultural sector and also across the voluntary sector having worked closely with representatives over the last 10 years.  Culture Warrington is a charitable trust set up to develop arts, heritage and events across Warrington.  It incorporates both visual and performing arts, as well as hosting WA Creative – a hub for the creative industries in Warrington.  As manager of a large third sector organisation I can offer excellent knowledge of the wider arts and culture sector with regional links to networks and officers.

“I am active in networking with third sector organisations and have good links across the arts and culture sector to develop collaborative working and represent the views and issues facing voluntary arts groups in Warrington.   I am from Warrington and have an excellent knowledge of the area, and have participated in the arts in Warrington throughout my lifetime. I have an overview of the arts and culture sector in Warrington, the NW and nationally with good links to wider sector organisations such as Arts Development UK and Arts Council England.

“I am very personable and able to communicate with all sectors of the community, from grassroots organisations and individual artists to senior managers and boards. Culture Warrington actively develops relationships with third sector arts organisations to raise the visibility of all arts and culture events in Warrington and seeks to gather and share views of these organisations to enhance the arts.  I will represent the opinions, needs and aspirations of the third sector arts organisations through gathering these views through day to day meetings in the course of my own work and by actively engaging with the sector.

“Information from the Hub meetings will be widely distributed through information sharing in a variety of forms including through the staff at Culture Warrington who can also widely disseminate info through their networks too.

“I am looking for Art & Cultural 3rd sector organisations in Warrington to represent at the hub meetings. To join my database of contacts please send the Organisation Name, a brief outline of what your organisation does, a key contact name and email address to info@culturewarrington.org


For more information about the Third Sector in Warrington check out the Community Hub – http://www.warringtonva.org.uk/partnerships/3rd-sector-network-hub