How to supply to Culture Warrington

As a Charity, Culture Warrington is obligated to procure in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. These require us to advertise all opportunities above the current thresholds, which are:

  • Goods/services – £172,514
  • Works – £4,332,012

Please note that these thresholds are updated every two years. The next change will be 1st January 2016.

Within Culture Warrington, we have our own thresholds which must be applied for all below EU threshold procurement activity.

Value  Route to market 
up to £25,000 3 Written Quotations
£25,000 to £75,000 4+ Written Quotations advertised on Contracts Finder
£75,000 to £172,514 Below threshold Formal Tender
£172,514 and above EU Tender

Tender Process

Advertising opportunities:

For opportunities over the value of £25,000 they will be advertised on MyTenders (picked up on Contracts Finder) and for opportunities over the EU Tender threshold they will also be advertised to the EU. Tender Electronic Daily is a useful site when it comes to finding over threshold opportunities.


This is the first stage of our supplier shortlisting process within an EU procurement. Suppliers who have expressed an interest will then be able to download the PPQ to complete. We review and evaluate each supplier’s PQQ response to create a shortlist of suppliers who meet our requirements.


The shortlisted suppliers are then invited to complete an Invitation to Tender (ITT). During this process they will receive in-depth information about the opportunity and will be required to answer questions to establish the best suited supplier(s). Tender submissions are evaluated against pre-set evaluation criteria to determine which supplier can offer Radian the best value for money.


We would apply a 10 day standstill period to allow for those who were unsuccessful to express any concerns about the results (if any). After the 10 days have passed we then finalise the terms and conditions with the winning bidder and mobilise them to start working with Culture Warrington.

Current Opportunities

There are no current tender opportunities.