What our volunteers say

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What our volunteers say


I really enjoyed the formal training programme ….. I thought it was a really good programme, a mix of teaching us things that would help in what we were doing. – (Cabinet of Curiosities Volunteer)


It all started out as an effort to become more involved with the local communities, to help me integrate and become more accepted (which to me as someone who is foreign born meant a great deal), to learn new skills, meet new people and basically to spend my time doing something that I knew people would appreciate. I was also keen to learn more about the town and the people living in it – as a migrant from a different country it was all too easy to feel like an “outsider” at times so getting involved with what was going on in Warrington seemed like the right choice for me. – (Culture Warrington Volunteer)


Volunteering gave me opportunities to try things I wouldn’t ever be able to try in my everyday life ….. Culture Warrington’s continued support is what inspires the next generation to plan and create their own events as well as try things they wouldn’t usually do.
– (Arts Ambassador)


I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t been given the opportunity – two of my jobs (and a significant proportion of my monthly income) have been the direct result of the experiences and relationships that I built up by volunteering.
– (Pyramid & Parr Hall Venue Assistant Volunteer)

If you have some time to spare and you’re interested in volunteering with Culture Warrington, then find out more by visiting our volunteer opportunities page.