Flawless – Chase The Dream THE REBOOT

Date(s)/Time: Friday 26 Oct 2018, 7:30pm

Ticket Price: £25/£20 Groups of 10 or more (£26.75/£21.75 inc online booking fee)

Location: Parr Hall


Flawless - Chase The Dream THE REBOOT

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Flawless presents Chase The Dream THE REBOOT


Following their World Tour, Flawless are back in the UK performing even bigger and jaw-dropping routines than ever before!


Stars of the smash-hit movies Street Dance 3D 1 & 2 and two-time winners of the World Dance Championships, Flawless came to the fore on TV’s Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago and their popularity has continued to rise ever since.


This fantastically high energy, acrobat-fused, FEEL GOOD, family show follows the journey of 10 Big Dreamers, seeking the opportunity to live their ultimate dance fantasy on board the “Intergalactic Dream Ship”.


The passengers soon realise, that with every dream comes a DARK reality, ultimately turning their dreams into nightmares. Upon learning this the team must now battle their way back to reality to complete the journey home or risk their minds being forever lost and trapped in the Realm of Dreams.


The message behind the show: Team Work Makes the Dream Work