Collaborative Space present The Edge of Darkness

Date(s)/Time: Saturday 2 Nov 2013, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Ticket Price: Free

Location: Warrington Museum & Art Gallery


Collaborative Space present The Edge of Darkness

This multi-discipline creative project from artists Hannah Elizabeth Allen and Jeni McConnell, is entitled The Edge Of Darkness.  The project has been founded on research into the poet Anna Barbauld who lived in Warrington.

Barbauld influenced many great Romantic poets, and was in her time well known, yet has since been ‘unwritten’ from general consciousness.

The two artists will lead a series of four workshops which ask participants to create new works in response to Barbauld’s writing, her absence from the historic narrative, and what often inspired her – the environment of Warrington and its surroundings.

The final output resulting from the workshops will be shown as performance on 2nd November and included in a printed publication.

To hear more about the project  and how you can get involved visit

The culmination of this multi-disciplinary project will be shared over the evening.